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Seoul2Soul Massage Therapy


Hi, my name is Lynn. Welcome to Seoul 2 Soul Massage Therapy.


University Of Iowa Pre-med psychology 1990-1992


University of New Mexico Pre-med Psych



McKinnon Body Therapy Institute SF Bay Area


`Sports Medicine & Deep Tissue

~Chronic Conditions & Elder Massage


~ Reflexology


~Craniosacral Therapy

~Chair Massage


Charlotte Maxwell Clinic, Holistic Practitioners for low income cancer clients 2014-2015 

Holistic Symmetry Classes

~Emotional Release

~ Lymphatic Drainage Massage

~ Adv. Cranio Systems & Structures

Upledger Institute 2023

`Craniosacral Classes

`Somatic Emotional Release

Elotus Education for Acupuncturists 2023

Auricular Medicine

International Association of HealthCare Practitioners 2023-Present

Healing Oasis- 2017- Present

group of practitioners who help the community

Thumbtack when it had massage

`Top Pro Badge in Asheville 

I feel we ALL  have Universal Gifts; and mine is Bodywork.

Since the age of 5yrs old, I always knew I would go into a healing field, because I was saved by doctors from a severe illness & knew I wanted to return that gift by helping others.


At age  8yrs old, I met a reflexologist, who helped my mother with post polio symptoms. Since reflexology sounded like medicine to me & it helped my mother & my family, I asked, the reflexologist to train me. I was trained for 2 years, until she left our farming community. Later, I continued to work on my family & some of her clients when she left.

In University & my other jobs, I continued to do bodywork  on friends, co-workers, bosses, their family & friends  for supplemental income.

2010, I worked full-time in massage & bodywork. When work is aligned with passion, i find my work is my play!

Working on 1000"s of people, listening the clients feedback & acquiring a variety of skills,  I have crafted a style that is gentle, firm & effective. I connect with the client & their body. I focus on creating a holistic effect on the body, to give longer lasting results.  By working with the epi center & the symptoms. Core issues are often located in the nervous system & energy flow while  the symptoms  show up in the muscles & joints  (Mind, Body, Spirit).

According to World Health Organization, the leading cause of Ill Health & Worldwide disabilities, is Neural Disorders.

Recent research shows that many of us are over-stimulating the sympathetic nervous system ( survival/fight

flight mode of go, go, go ) & under stimulating parasympathetic system (thrive / rest & digest mode  )

That is why my style focuses on soothing the Nervous System, while working on muscles & structure in a more gentle way rather than a painful way.

I enjoy working with people who are respectful, open-minded, courageous & committed to healing.


I enjoy working with a variety of issues such as anxiety/depression, digestive issues, neck/back/hip , chronic conditions, trauma, neurological disorders, athletes who want to enhance performance, & meditators who want to connect Presence through the body. 

I find deep relaxation & body presence brings one into Holistic Wellness. 

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