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Seoul2Soul Massage Therapy


Hi, my name is Lynn. Welcome to Seoul 2 Soul Massage Therapy😄.


I've been offering bodywork full-time for over 9 years (last 2 years full-time in Asheville) working on hundreds of people. Through experiences & feedback from my clients, I have crafted sessions that focus on creating a multi-layered effect within the nervous system, muscles, and energy flow (Mind, Body, Spirit); Profound work having long-lasting effects.


My style is like water, gentle yet firm, rhythmic & encompassing. Clients have described the experience as "waves of bliss". The therapeutic focus is placing you into a state of deep relaxation. Bringing you into a space of stillness where you feel nurtured...revitalized...connected with your body & the flow of life. 


I've worked with people who have anxiety/depression, IBS, neck/back/hip chronic conditions, trauma, neurological disorders, athletes who want to enhance performance, & meditators.


Why is reaching deep relaxation (Stillpoint) important? 


Health professionals link long-term stress to chronic conditions  (accidents, inflammation{pain, brain fog}, heart disease, diabetes 2, cancer, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, etc.). 


Fortunately, Stillpoint reboots the nervous system - reduces inflammation, pain, improves reflexes, shortens recovery time. Join me, as you immerse into bliss while Relaxing into Health & Improving your Quality of Life!

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