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Integrative Massage (Specialty)
$80-$240 (1-3hrs) · Customized. Infuses Western with Eastern modalities & PNF stretches. Multilayered. Calms the nerves, melts muscles & balances energy flow. Feel waves of blissful sensations & deep relaxation.

$80-$110 (1-1.5hrs.) · Custom pressure level 1-9. Stimulates reflex points of the feet/hands rebalances the entire body. Amazing experience! Helps anxiety, depression, pain, chronic conditions, for deep tissue clients.

Craniosacral Therapy (CST)
$80-$110 (1-1.5hrs) · Clothed. Gentle holds that melt muscles & fascia to release deep adhesions, unwinds the body, calms nerves, & reboot the nervous system. Headaches ,tmj, back&hip, stress/anxiety, trauma, pain.


Meditative Massage (Specialty)
$80-$110 ( 1-1.5hrs) · CST while listening to guided meditation (balance chakras, healing, change thought patterns, intuition, etc), or healing sounds on headphones. Enjoy the energy sensations as you explore inward!


Yin-Yang Massage (Specialty)
$140 (2 hrs) · Combines deep with subtle modalities. Reflexology(Yang) stimulates & CST(Yin) restores the body. Enjoy the spectrum of sensations while your body enters a sublime, relaxing state & deeply heals.

Abdominal Massage
$80-$110 (60-90min) · Massages, stretches & vibrates the abs to remove adhesions, relax ab muscles, stimulate organs. Helps lower back, digestive issues (IBS), emotional release, & hip pain.


Thoracic (vertebrae & rib) Massage
$110-$140 (1.5-2hrs) · Relaxes tiny muscles near the vertabrae & melts muscles between the ribs. Opens chest cavity & allows for fuller breaths, aligns lower & mid-back, & neck. For fatigue, anxiety, athletes, back & neck.

Head, Facial & Neck Massage
$80-$110 (60-90min) · Uses reflex points, CST, myofacial, & (inner jaw work, optional) to relax the neck, forehead, eyes,& open up the sinus cavities. For headaches, TMJ, eye strain, neck, brain fog.


The Ultimate Massage (Specialty)
$500-$600 (5-6hrs) · Sublime..Profound.. Transformative. All my massage repertoire in one session. Crafted for the Connoisseur.

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